Welcome to FMB Engineering.

FMBE (Fixed & Mobile Broadband Engineering) is your strong partner in ambitious engineering and installation services
for tomorrow’s wireless and fiber optic based communication networks.

We gladly support you with your upcoming challenges of a modern LTE or Tetra-BOS supply (German acronym for public safety
authorities and organizations), with the project planning and the realization of fiber-optic broadband networks or with the technical operation
of information and telecommunication networks in data centers and administrations.

Radio Networks

Fixed Networks

IP Networks

Mobile Communications

At FMBE, we have a highly-trained and very well equipped team consisting of mobile networks infrastructure planners, ...

Line Technology

The FMBE fixed networks team has years of experience in the planning and realization of fiber optic backbone lines for ...

IP Services

Due to the growing convergence towards all-IP networks for communication and data transmission, the steadily growing ...

Radio Coverage

For network operators, two challenges actually arise in the fields of radio coverage of tunnels, newly built or renovated ...

Culverts and Supply Tunnels

To guarantee a suitable operation of supply lines, a professional technical knowhow in ...

IP-based technical Building Equipment (IP-TGA)

Convergent networks require highly available, strong and secure infrastructures to replace the functionality of...

Satellite Technology

If a wired broadband supply (xDSL) or LTE is uneconomical, broadband coverage via satellite in conjunction with ...

Access and Transmission Systems

In the fields of access and transmission systems in broadband networks, FMBE has certified employees ...

Radio Relay Systems

In the fields of short and long distance connections, radio relay links often provide a fast and economical alternative to ...


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